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Sensing Plus smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms - ul 217 standard compliant

UL 217 8th Edition & Why It Is Important:

UL has released new safety standards and performance requirements for smoke alarms with their UL 217 8th Edition Update. This update to the UL standard will go into effect June 30, 2022 for all manufacturers of smoke alarms and combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The reason why this new standard was created was because fire industry experts found fire dynamics within the modern day home have changed over the last several decades. According to UL, newer synthetic materials in the home, more open layouts and lighter construction materials all burn hotter and faster. This research led the industry experts and UL to create new smoke alarm performance requirements for certain types of flammable material fire, such as polyurethane foam. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), nuisance alarms (due to cooking or steam) are the leading reason for home owners to disconnect or turn off their smoke alarms. This problem with nuisance alarms led UL to add new testing requirements around nuisance alarm prevention.

Sensing Plus® Smoke Alarms Meet The UL Standard 217 8th Edition:

By utilizing multi criteria smoke and fire sensors, our new selection of AI powered smoke alarms can differentiate and respond to both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires (including polyurethane fires that tend to burn quicker). This provides a quicker response time to fires in new construction homes made of materials that might burn hotter and faster. These alarms also come with a built-in microprocessor that removes virtually all false alarms caused by cooking steam. Sensing Plus® Alarms have already past the new UL Standard 217 8th edition requirements and can be installed with confidence knowing your home or building will be up to code.

Features & Benefits

Multi Criteria Smoke & Fire Sensor

Dual protection that's capable of sensing the presence of both slow smoldering & fast flaming fires. Earlier detection of fires caused by modern building materials.

Nuisance Alarm Elimination

Universal Sensing Plus® Alarms feature a built in microprocessor that eliminates virtually all false alarms associated with everyday cooking smoke & steam.

Advanced Intelligence

AI-artificial intelligence techniques can differentiate and classify smoke & fire profiles.

Tamper-Proof Design

Set it and forget it. A unique tamper proof design will prevent others from tampering the alarm's battery.

10 Year Permanent Power

Lithium–Free 10 year permanent power alkaline batteries give you safer, more eco-friendly and maintenance free protection for the life of the alarm.

10 Year Warranty on Both Battery & Alarm

Safety along with longevity remains essential in our design. All Universal Sensing Plus® Detectors include a 10 year warranty on both the battery and life of the alarm.

Sensing Plus® Smoke Alarms

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