Protect Your Family with patented Universal Smoke Sensing and Smart Alarm® Technology

Our patented Universal Smoke Sensing Technology is based on years of research into fast and accurate detection of threats from fast flaming and slow smoldering fires. These smoke alarms can distinguish between cooking smoke and real fire, significantly reducing nuisance alarms. Some alarms also include Carbon Monoxide detection in the same unit, and then back many of our alarms with 10-Year Permanent Power™ Sealed Battery, which never needs replacing.

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Smoke & Fire Carbon Monoxide

10-year sealed battery
never needs replacing

This means the end of nuisance alarms and low battery chirps—key reasons people intentionally disable their smoke detectors. Our 10 year Permanent Power™ sealed battery technology helps keep you safe, because working smoke alarms are an important factor in surviving a home fire.

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10 Year Permanent Power

Life Saving Ideas:
Beyond Smoke and Fire Alarms

When it comes to carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks, early detection and warnings can give you the few seconds you need to survive a deadly fate. The leading cause of poisoning deaths in the U.S., carbon monoxide leaks can lead to long-term physical and emotional distress.

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Carbon Monoxide Natural Gas

Others depend on you. Depend on USI.

The 4 in 1 alarm protects against slow smoldering fire, fast flaming fire, CO and natural gas.

Preventing nuisance alarms saves lives.

National Fire Protection Association warns about disabling smoke alarms.

University of Maryland Study

The USI IoPhic smoke and fire alarm found to be an improved technology.

10 year sealed

The battery that never needs replacing and means the end of low battery chirps.

Once you understand the science of fire detection, the choice is simple.

  • Ionization detects fast flames
  • Photoelectric detects slow smolder
  • Universal Smoke Sensing Technology
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When do I replace my smoke detector, carbon monoxide or natural gas alarm?

  • Under dusty conditions
  • Where grease is often present
  • 10 years or sooner

About Universal Security Instruments

USI (Universal Security Instruments, Inc.) makes the most innovative home protection solutions available today. Since our founding in 1969, we’ve become one of the largest manufacturers of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the world. We hold 11 patents on detection technologies, based on our proprietary research...

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Homeowners will appreciate that you’ve chosen our patented Universal Smoke Sensing Technology® (IoPhic) Smart Alarm® technology—the leading solution for detecting threats from smoke, carbon monoxide and natural gas—to protect their family...

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